"Excellent conference that discusses current trends in the rail industry from an operational, financial and regulatory points of view."

Warner Abel
GLNX Corporation


RailTrends is a two-day conference for ALL of the rail-industry disciplines and stakeholders. It is attended by the financial and capital communities, owners, lenders, operators, marketers and every other group directly or indirectly affected by the rail business.

RailTrends conference content is shaped by the internal verities of the industry, timely topics, and controversial, button-pushing subjects.

Unlike other rail conferences that only address a single subject such as railcar leasing, manufacturing, MOW or bond investors, RailTrends gets you up to speed on all areas of the industry.

What RailTrends offers that is available nowhere else is a drilling down into some very specific issues - in some cases issues that you may not even know affect you - specific to the industry's future and your livelihood.

Other organizations offer single-topic conferences, but only RailTrends addresses all aspects of the industry, giving you a broader sense of what is going on.